A downloadable game for Windows

A monster girl breeder for lewd jam.

Use the copy ability to take the gene of a monster, then go around breeding with it to see what kind of children you get.

Might be fleshed out more someday(?)

WSAD - Move

E - Interact

F - Back

N - Next Day


Install instructions

Download the zip and extract it to a folder


mm.zip 1 MB


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hey i was looking through the files and saw the "oppai 2" sprite part thing, is there a way to actually breed to get those or are they currently unavailable?

Oppai 2 should be obtainable, but fairly rare.

Are you interested in getting help on this? I don't know if you plan to continue working on it, but it's a great idea and concept and I'd like to help if I can

If/when I get back to it that might be nice.  As for now I've had some other projects pop up on top of full time work that has put this in a dusty corner.  There doesn't seem to be other games like it for the most part, which still gives me some motivation to come back and work on this, sometime.  Still,  I appreciate the continued insterest and hope to get back to this.

Alright, I'm sure me and plenty others would love to see it if this is continued. I'd like to help if I can

Dude i would invest $$  in this project if you wanted to take it the breeding/farming route. Would you need a team to complete this game and or need investment? 

I know you haven't touched this in ages, but I think adding a feature to name each of the monster girls would go a long way to keeping track of them all. Maybe have their names only pop up to on a mouseover to save space.

It has been a long while, still have eyes on it. Anyways, names will definitely be a feature to have.  Will probably be asked to assign when born.

Will you return to this and add more? Or put up the source somewhere?


Thats a good question.  I've worked on it on and off since release but it's still in the "fleshing out basic mechanics" phase and not in a good spot to release an update.  At the very least I do want it to be a playable game at some point and not just a mechanic demo.  So I guess the answer is yes (hopefully).

pls more girls and more minigames, its best monster-pixel-girls simulator

Linux ?

Yeah, I can give a port a shot.

thank you, thank you, thank you very much

So is it "Stand Around and do nothing" simulator? Because I can't do anything. I interact with a girl and the screen pops out and it's impossible do do anything other than go back


Afterwards you can click the menu buttons.  I'll probably make it also have keyboard controls at sometime.

It is funny how you can play this and it can take a little while as you time and press a key and suddenly you realize how shameful the controls might be. ^^

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How does breeding work internally?

Also, I understand the game in its current state is more like a prototype, but would be nice to distinguish more easily which monsters are which without going into the stats screen of each one. Another nice feature would be lineage graphs.

Some more nitpicks: controls in the breeding screen are inverted (F to interact, E to go back); on some days I can walk on tiles with monsters on them and can't interact with them, not sure what triggers it, going to the next day fixes it.

Internally it uses a bit array for genes, using crossover for variance. I thought it would be fun to try out genetic algorithm techniques, and it has been, but difficult to balance.

As for distinguishing, at the very least I'll probably use at least hair color/skin color. Ideally some sort of list view as well.

Bretty good game. Are you going to finish it?

I'm not sure what level of scope it will have, but I would definately like to work more on it.

Maximizing the window size breaks the breed and copy buttons. That the buttons give no feedback even when you do click them made me think the whole thing was broken until I realized the real problem.

Also, like the first post says, you do good pixel monster ladies.

  • The actual breeding minigame is pretty fun. The natural difficulty scaling is good.
  • The orgasm effect, and the motion of the girl is well done, good use of resources to achieve animation without redrawing.
  • Is there more gameplay than the breeding minigame?
  • I'd like to see more pixel monstergirls in your style!

The minigame is the only gameplay implemented. Had development gone on longer there would probably of been a light combat system, and more monstergirls too!